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It’s Spring Time.. Here Are Some Tips That Will Help Your Pet Enjoy The Great Outdoors Without All The Sneezing and Itching.

Spring time one of the best times of the year for your pup unless they have seasonal allergies..  Aside from the plants and pollen there is also fertilizer to contend with. Lets look at fertilizer first Dogs are exposed to fertilizer  through ingestion, inhalation, and through the skin. Their have been studies that have linked […]


The back of the packaging tells the real story

Really good article from Whole dog Journal. Definitely worth the read as it defines what you should look for in a dog food or cat food that actually matters. Marketing has taken over especially since all of the recalls. The amount of supplements ie; probiotics, prebiotics, joint formulas etc promised in the foods do not […]


Senility in your pets is caused by amyloid protein depositsthe same protein that causes alzheimers in Humans

Good article from Pet Wellbeing  below and a another good link from PetMDhttp://pets.webmd.com/dogs/cognitive-dysfunction-syndrome-dogs As with humans they are finding nutrition and mental stimulation  play a huge role in preventing Canine Cognitive dysfunction. ( senility) Acupressure or Acupuncture can do a lot to support brain function and cognitive response. There are several points and combinations of […]


Something to seriously think about



New location for Reiki for all Creatures