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Spring Is Almost Here…In TCM That Is Liver And Gallblader Season… So Be Sure Your Pets Has A Harmonies Flow Of Chi

  In Chinese Medicine, The season for the Liver and Gallbladder Meridians is Spring. The Liver is responsible for the harmonious  flow of chi in the body. Along with energetics and nourishment for the entire body.  It is also known as the strategic planner and is involved in all aspects of  body functions. The other organ systems […]


It’s Spring Time.. Here Are Some Tips That Will Help Your Pet Enjoy The Great Outdoors Without All The Sneezing and Itching.

Spring time one of the best times of the year for your pup unless they have seasonal allergies..  Aside from the plants and pollen there is also fertilizer to contend with. Lets look at fertilizer first Dogs are exposed to fertilizer  through ingestion, inhalation, and through the skin. Their have been studies that have linked […]


Allergies and Leaky Gut Syndrome Something To Think About For People and Pets

I have several clients with various allergies and 90% of the time if they change their diet they see solid  improvement. . If your dog has severe or moderate allergies diet and digestion may be a great place to start; along with a few acupressure points to support the immune system.   (see below) This […]


It Is Officially Spring: Flowers, Leaves, Pollen, And For Some Pups.. Runny Eyes, Noses and Itchy Skin.. We Have A Point Or Two For That.

This is a great article from Pet Wellbeing … There are  a lot of great ways to help your pet get through the allergy season..  We have listed a few Acupoints to help with seasonal allergies below so scroll down and check them out. Allergies and your pet Pet Wellbeing Spring is full of warmer […]