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What to Feed Fido Can Cause More Questions Than Answers , So Here Are Some Good Tools To Help Answer The Questions

  So as an Animal Acupressure Practitioner; I normally don’t delve into nutrition,  but in Traditional Chinese Medicine diet is one of the  five pillars of health; so I refer out to holistic vets and nutritionists . I also do a lot of research for my clients and encourage them to really look carefully at their […]


Is It Arthritis Or Is It The Water..

Skeletal Fluorosis is a painful, debilitating disease caused by a build up of fluoride in the body. Early stages are marked by stiffness and painful joints, mimicking arthritis. Later stages are defined by “severe deformities as the ligaments of the neck and vertebrae calcify (harden), muscle tissue wastes away, and movement becomes more and more […]


Great Explanation Regarding Kibble From A TCM Perspective

In (TCM) Traditional Chinese Medicine..there are several kinds of Qi that run through the body. Gu-Qi is your nutritive Qi and is affected by what you and or your pet eat.  With all the pet food recalls and illness caused by tainted or substandard food.  A lot of Pet Parents have become very conscious of […]


Part Three Of The Three Part Series On A Raw Food Option For Your Pet

Final article in the series. How to avoid the pitfalls of switching to raw from Dr. Becker…. “This is part three of my three-part video series on the myths and truths surrounding raw food diets (part one, part two). In this final segment, I want to discuss why raw pet foods get a bad rap. There […]


Part One Of A Three Part Series On Raw Pet Food And Why It Is Good For Your Pet

Dr. Karen Becker, a proactive and integrative wellness veterinarian.  I am posting part one of her three part series on raw food. This is a must read and discuss  with your Vet if it rings true to you. The amount of diesase caused by what we feed our pets is growing, and pet parents need […]