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Wow This was Featured in Veterinary Practice News.. Apparently The Pet Owners Have Spoken..

This definitely just touches on a few of the issues that Acupressure or Acupuncture can support and benefit.  There is now a large amount of evidence based research supporting TCM and pet owners are asking for this modality for their pets to the tune of 12 billion dollars  a year. So it is nice that […]


Really amazing discovery for paralysis

Great article on Stem cells and how they can help repair paralysis in dogs. This is a big breakthrough for canines and humans. There is a point on the end of the nose GV25 that based on their discovery may be an interesting option to use on dogs who are having spinal issues or paralysis… […]


Something to seriously think about



Reiki For All creatures is participating in their first event



Winged Reiki

I have had a lot of Reiki clients over the past couple years but never one with feathers. I was not sure what to expect from this session.  I knew a little bit about her and had seen her in action a few times. My little feathered friend had quite a tough beginning. She was […]