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Some Good Tips For 4th of July

Ok so 4th of July…. barbecues, picnics, family, friends and fireworks… Which is all lots of fun but your pets may not think so. It is really important to keep them calm, safe and indoors. If you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noises and thinks the sky is falling or worse here […]


Animal Acupuncture on Nightline :-)

Acupuncture and Acupressure are becoming more widely used on our pets. There is a growing movement to treat animals with the best that human medicine has to offer, including physical therapy, hydro-therapy, and even alternative therapies — acupuncture, acupressure and Reiki. This aired on Nightline pretty interesting. The response from the AVMA was also umm […]


Update and new trial on Fatty Lipomas

So an update on the Fatty Lipoma article. There is a new trial being done at California Veterinary Specialty Hospital. “The hypothesis is that an injection of Cl histolyticum purified collagenase (enzyme) will cause a rapid and durable reduction in size of canine lipomas”. This is an interesting study and is  in phase II trials […]


Really amazing discovery for paralysis

Great article on Stem cells and how they can help repair paralysis in dogs. This is a big breakthrough for canines and humans. There is a point on the end of the nose GV25 that based on their discovery may be an interesting option to use on dogs who are having spinal issues or paralysis… […]


Thanksgiving do’s and don’ts for Fido

So Thanksgiving is almost here are your ready? The Holidays are an amazing time of year lots of family and friends and of course food. So to keep your pups tummy free from indigestion or worse; here are a few great tips from Dogster.com http:/www.dogster.com/dog-food/thanksgiving-safety-tips-for-dog-owners In addition to those tips plan ahead and set some […]