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Holiday Travel Tips For You and Your Pet

The Holidays are fast approaching, and pet parents around the world are going to be traveling with their fur kids. So here are a few  car safety tips for your pets., and a few acupressure points that may come in handy along the way. Traveling by car is a great option for your dog. ( cats not […]


An Emergency Point That All Pet Owners Should Know

Governing Vessel 26 or GV26 is a great point to have in your first aid kit. It is a resuscitation point that can be used for shock, coma, loss of consciousness,  cardiac arrest or seizures in People and Pets.  This is an important point  to know in case of emergency. “GV 26” indicates that it […]


Vaccine options may be a reality soon…..hopefully

So there are a lot of studies being done on the dangers of over vaccinating or just vaccinating  with everything from Rabies to Parvo. The  dangers  of combining vaccines into one injection is also being looked on the human and animal front. There is something on the horizon that is being used outside the US […]


Fatty Lipomas better safe than sorry

As our Furry friends get older they tend to develop fatty lipomas which are benign, but it is always a good idea to check them out with your vet. A simple needle aspiration can determine if they are benign. If they are benign and not fast growing there are some great points to help slow […]


Really amazing discovery for paralysis

Great article on Stem cells and how they can help repair paralysis in dogs. This is a big breakthrough for canines and humans. There is a point on the end of the nose GV25 that based on their discovery may be an interesting option to use on dogs who are having spinal issues or paralysis… […]