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Acupuncture Helps With Chemo Side Effects And May Actually Help The Body Fight Cancer Off

  So there has always been a question if it was a good idea to use acupuncture on cancer patients either human or animal, as there was/is a theory that acupuncture may strengthen the cancer cells . This study addresses that and not only does acupuncture help strengthen immune system it appears that it may […]


This One Is For The Humans …. But Can Be Applied To Your Pets

This is a really long and interesting article on Gut Bacteria and how the balance plays a huge role in everything from preventing cancer to emotional health, to the obvious fighting obesity.  This article although based on humans has some valid points for our pets.  Foods that create inflammation do far more damage than just […]


Cancer study for Dogs

This is going to be an interesting study. I wish they would a add a group that receives Acupressure, Reiki or massage to see if  those dogs fare better than the ones that do not receive any kind of hands on modalities. http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/golden-retrievers-key-lifetime-dog-cancer-study-18282140


Interesting article on Cancer and TCM

This is an interesting perspective on TCM and cancer. There are also some great points that can be used to support the body during this process. Also a great reference point for finding Vets versed in TCM. http://pathwithpaws.com/blog/2012/05/07/chinese-medicine-and-cancer-phlegm-nodules-and-blood-stagnation/