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Apparently Crazy Cat Ladies Are On To Something….

So According to this study cat owners are 40%  less likely to die from heart attacks than those who had no feline in their lives. Owning a dog did not appear to convey the same protection.  Interesting …. According to Psychology Today, research shows cats are very important for preventing death from heart attacks. “Results […]


Some Good Tips For 4th of July

Ok so 4th of July…. barbecues, picnics, family, friends and fireworks… Which is all lots of fun but your pets may not think so. It is really important to keep them calm, safe and indoors. If you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noises and thinks the sky is falling or worse here […]


Keeping Christmas Merry for you,your pup and your guests

Christmas trees are very enticing to everyone but make sure your pup is not under the tree trying to sample the tinsel, presents ordrinking the tree water. Here are a few worthwhile safety tips from Dr. Fosters and Smith. Christmas Trees O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how careful we must be. Christmas trees and […]


calming points for Halloween

So it is that time of year when pets hide from their owners, knowing the inevitable is coming…. The dreaded costume and photo session. Now I have to admit I have tried to dress up my cat in the past but the look I got when I showed him his costume would have stopped a […]