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Some Post Election Points For You And Your Pup

  So in light of recent events thought some calming points would be helpful for humans and pets Our pets are highly evolved energetic beings and they feel our emotions very deeply. In addition to that every emotion we have love, anger, sadness, despair, happiness and joy have  a distinct smell. So your pup knows […]


If You Have An Anxious Pup These Points May Help

  Are any of your pups worriers?  Are they always on high alert? Do they have separation anxiety or excessive fear?  If so it is important to figure out the cause and find ways to calm them.  Chronic worry and emotional stress can trigger a host of health problems. The problem occurs when fight or […]


Some Good Tips For 4th of July

Ok so 4th of July…. barbecues, picnics, family, friends and fireworks… Which is all lots of fun but your pets may not think so. It is really important to keep them calm, safe and indoors. If you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noises and thinks the sky is falling or worse here […]


calming points for Halloween

So it is that time of year when pets hide from their owners, knowing the inevitable is coming…. The dreaded costume and photo session. Now I have to admit I have tried to dress up my cat in the past but the look I got when I showed him his costume would have stopped a […]