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Is Your Pup A Worrier ? If So, Getting Him Or Her To Calm Down May Improve Their Overall Physical Health

  Are any of your pups worriers?  Are they always on high alert? Do they have separation anxiety or excessive fear?  If so it is important to figure out the cause and find ways to calm them.  Chronic worry and emotional stress can trigger a host of health problems. The problem occurs when fight or […]


Cats are Carnivores

Here is a great article on feline diabetes. In a lot of cases in can be managed thru diet. Cats are pure carnivores so a very low carbohydrate diet seems to be a good option for felines with diabetes. Acupressure can also play a role in supporting the affected organ systems, but be sure to […]


Something to seriously think about



Winged Reiki

I have had a lot of Reiki clients over the past couple years but never one with feathers. I was not sure what to expect from this session.  I knew a little bit about her and had seen her in action a few times. My little feathered friend had quite a tough beginning. She was […]


Session points for Barney

Barneys acupressure session continues [click this link to visit Youtube and watch this video We cover 3 points in this session to create calm and balance for Barney.