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Coconut Oil Is Amazing For People and Canines..New Study Shows It Helps With Cognitive Function In Senior Dogs

Coconut oil has amazing healing properties for people and dogs. It is also proving to be a great asset to the health of senior people and  dogs. So another great tool to add to your pets wellness  arsenal at any age. “Coconut: the new “brain food” “But of all these benefits, my favorite is that […]


Wow This was Featured in Veterinary Practice News.. Apparently The Pet Owners Have Spoken..

This definitely just touches on a few of the issues that Acupressure or Acupuncture can support and benefit.  There is now a large amount of evidence based research supporting TCM and pet owners are asking for this modality for their pets to the tune of 12 billion dollars  a year. So it is nice that […]


Vaccine options may be a reality soon…..hopefully

So there are a lot of studies being done on the dangers of over vaccinating or just vaccinating  with everything from Rabies to Parvo. The  dangers  of combining vaccines into one injection is also being looked on the human and animal front. There is something on the horizon that is being used outside the US […]


Something to seriously think about



Winged Reiki

I have had a lot of Reiki clients over the past couple years but never one with feathers. I was not sure what to expect from this session.  I knew a little bit about her and had seen her in action a few times. My little feathered friend had quite a tough beginning. She was […]