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If Your Pup Is A Worrier Or Has Anxiety …These Points May Help

  Are any of your pups worriers?  Are they always on high alert? Do they have separation anxiety or excessive fear?  If so it is important to figure out the cause and find ways to calm them.  Chronic worry and emotional stress can trigger a host of health problems. The problem occurs when fight or […]


Spring Is All About The Liver In TCM. This Is A Helpful Guide To Explain What Those Liver Values Mean

The Liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It stores and replenishes blood while also managing the volume of blood in response to physical demand on the body. All of the other organs rely heavily on the liver. In Traditional Chinese medicine or (TCM)  The Liver is the General governing the […]


A Little Doggie Dementia ? New Study Shows Good Results With Acupuncture… And Other Great Ways To Keep Your Senior Pet Happy And Healthy

As with humans they are finding nutrition and mental stimulation play a huge role in preventing Canine Cognitive dysfunction. ( senility) A new study just came out with some really interesting solid results for the use of acupuncture ( evidence based) for alzheimer’s patients in humans. The points will also work well for senior pets […]


If Your Pup Is Greying Prematurely,Fear Or Stress May Be A Factor

      A recent study examined the premature graying of dogs in the U.S. The researchers concluded that fearfulness, anxiety and impulsivity are significant factors in dogs that begin to go gray around the muzzle between the ages of 2 and 4 So from a TCM perspective this is interesting as the emotion of fear […]


February Is National Heart Month… So Here Are Some Good Points And Information For You And Your Pet… Have A Happy Healthy Heart Month

      Keeping your dogs heart healthy is very similar to what you would do to keep your own heart healthy. Good diet , exercise,  good oral care,low stress environment and lots of playtime  are great ways to maintain your pups heart health. Heart disease in canines can be congenital (hereditary), but the vast […]