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The Seasons Are Changing…So If Your Pet Is Approaching Their Senior Years Or Has Arthritis Now Would Be A Good Time To Start Working On Your Pet To Prevent Cold Weather Flare Ups

  Arthritis will strike approximately 65% of dogs over the age of 10. And it’s not just a canine disease: Up to 30% of cats will suffer the pain of arthritis sometime in their life. Arthritis can strike any joint in the body, but the most common places we see it is in the spine, […]


If Your Pet Is Fighting Cancer? Acupuncture May Be A Good Modality To Support Your Current Regiment

So there has always been a question if it was a good idea to use acupuncture on cancer patients either human or animal, as there was/is a theory that acupuncture may strengthen the cancer cells . This study addresses that and not only does acupuncture help strengthen immune system it appears that it may even […]


If Your Dog Is A Little Stuffy Or Congested Due to Seasonal Allergies , These Points And Tips May Help

    Pollen counts on average are elevated this year, which  can create an opportunity for  allergies to become more pronounced for you and your pets.    If you notice your pup is a little snuffy or drippy  you will want to check with your vet first to be sure it isn’t anything serious . […]


If You Or Your Pet Are A Little Near Or Far Sited This Point May Help

    This is a great point for humans and canines. I have used it on my senior clients with good results and now there is science behind it .. GB37 has been used for the treatment of eye related disorders for over a thousand years. The advent of functional MRI imaging has allowed for researchers […]


If Your Pup Gets A Little Car Sick, We Have Some Good Tips and Points To Help

  Summer is almost over,  and for a lot of families they have one more trip before school starts.  If its a car trip and you have planning on taking your pup, these tips and points may help. Here are  some great tips from Dr. Karen Becker : Prevention tips: Most dogs don’t get carsick […]