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If You Or Your Pet Are A Little Near Or Far Sited This Point May Help

    This is a great point for humans and canines. I have used it on my senior clients with good results and now there is science behind it .. GB37 has been used for the treatment of eye related disorders for over a thousand years. The advent of functional MRI imaging has allowed for researchers […]


If Your Pup Gets A Little Car Sick, We Have Some Good Tips and Points To Help

  Summer is almost over,  and for a lot of families they have one more trip before school starts.  If its a car trip and you have planning on taking your pup, these tips and points may help. Here are  some great tips from Dr. Karen Becker : Prevention tips: Most dogs don’t get carsick […]


Is Your Pup A Little Constipated ? We Have A Few Points For That

This Summer has  been very hot and dry lots of flaky skin and allergies. In TCM the Lung/ Large Intestine Meridian is directly connected to the skin. So if the skin is dry odds are the your pup is lacking moisture which can result in constipation. So how is your dog pooping? Not the most […]


Is The 4th Of July Stressful For Your Pup? If So Here Are A Few Tips, Points And Essential Oils That May Help

  Ok so 4th of July…. barbecues, picnics, family, friends and fireworks… Which is all lots of fun but your pets may not think so. It is really important to keep them calm, safe and indoors. If you have a pet that is sensitive to loud noises and thinks the sky is falling or worse […]


Are You Prepared For a Pet Emergency? Here Are Some Necessary Items For Your Pet First Aid Kit

No one plans on having their pet get injured or become sick, but it happens, and your best defense is to be prepared. It is finally Summer  and there are so many great activities for dogs : Hiking, Dock Diving, Surfing, Agility, Lure Coursing, Herding Flyball…  and just going to the dog park or the […]