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If Your Pet Lives In A Household With Smokers … This Is An Important Read

  Living in a house with a smoker puts dogs, cats, and especially birds at greater risk of many health problems. If you are a smoker keep a close eye on your pets for respiratory symptoms from sneezing to coughing to wheezing. Even if you smoke outside, the smoke that lingers on your hands and […]


Summer is Almost Here, And It is Going To Be A Hot One… Do You Know The Signs Of Heatstroke, And What To Do If It Happens To Your Pup?

    So it is Summer, and you and your pup are going to go hiking, walking, running and having all sorts of fun adventures. Just be sure to keep your furry  friend cool and avoid over heating as that can have very serious results.  If your pups temperature hits 103 or higher you may […]


If Your Dog Has Reverse Sneezing Episodes, This Point May Help

Does your dog have reverse sneezing episodes? They sound scary but are usually pretty harmless.  Below is a great article by Dr Karen Becker on reverse sneezing and how to determine when it is harmless and when it may be time to check with your vet. Also if your dog is reverse sneezing there is […]


If Your Pet Is Recovering From Surgery Or An Injury… ST36 Is A Great Point To Try

St36 is an amazing point. If you follow this blog you can see how often it is used and for many different purposes anything from helping with anxiety disorders to slowing or stopping cancer from metastasizing as it related to osteosarcoma and maybe others. So here is yet another benefit of ST36, increased circulation. So a […]


It is Flea Season Again ..So Here Is Everything You Ever Wanted Or Didn’t Want To Know About Them

  Cribnotes… Fleas are no fun, can survive 100 days without food, one flea can drink 10ml of blood.( and dogs rarely have just one flea) So best bet is prevention. There are lots of alternative or more natural methods to help prevent fleas, essential oils, diatomaceous earth(use with caution) to name a few  lots […]