Statistics show that 1.7 million dogs in the United States are treated for lipomas every year. We Have Some Points And Info That May Help



The Liver, belonging to the Wood Element, is associated with the season of Spring. The powers of Spring include birth, growth, regeneration, vision, activity, forward movement, upward direction, vitality, optimism and hope.  As your pup gets older the liver may not function as efficiently as it once did . The Liver  has many functions one of which is getting toxins and waste out of the body. When the liver is not working as efficiently fatty lipomas can be a result

Statistics show that 1.7 million dogs in the United States are treated for lipomas every year. This doesn’t include all the other lumps and bumps that appear on dogs as they reach middle age or older.

As our Furry friends get older they tend to develop fatty lipomas which are benign, but it is always a good idea to check them out with your vet. A simple needle aspiration can determine if they are benign

If they are benign and not fast growing there are some great points to help slow growth and possibly shrink them.

In TCM fatty lipomas are caused by deficient spleen and Liver chi and digestive weakness . So utilizing a few spleen, stomach and liver  points  can really help with this situation.

Also a species appropriate diet can definitely help reduce lipomas as it puts less strain on liver, stomach and spleen…

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ST40 Half way between the  Lateral Malleolus (ankle bone)  and the patella  Influential point for phlegm helps decrease fatty  lipomas ( ie stagnant phlegm)
 SP6   2 fingers above the medial malleolus or ankle bone this point is on the bone so just follow it up two finger widths on the  inside of the back leg. This is a great point to increase blood flow and healing. It also reduces inflammation and supports liver, kidney spleen
 LIV3  between the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal supports the liver in detoxing the body
 points fatty lipoma