Is Your Dog Is A Little Stuffy Or Congested Due to Allergies ? If So These Points May Help



Winter is approaching and the seasons are shifting so this is  can create an opportunity for  allergies to become more pronounced    It is important to keep our immunbe systems strong but especially when the seasons change. If you notive your pup is a little snuffy or drippy  you will want to check with your vet first to be sure it isn’t anything serious .

Acupuncture relieves nasal congestion due to rhinitis. Research published in the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture  confirms that acupuncture exerts an anti-inflammatory action, enhances immunity, and is effective in the prevention of immunological related disease. see article below


So here are some points to try on your pup or cat … happy pointing

Yin Tang center of the four head at the medial edge of the eyebrow ridge.
 GV20 dorsal midline between the ears there is usually a bump where the point is
 GB 20 Right behind the skull or occipital bone one finger off the cervical spine on either side in the divots.
LI20 widest part of the nostril in the nasal labial groove ( they may not love this point so approach and use gently)
LI4 on the inside of the dew claw or the bump on the inside of his front paw where a dew claw would be
GV4 On the dorsal midline in the depression between L2 and L3

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