If Your Pet Is Having Surgery Here Are Three Great Points To Help With Post Operative Pain and Inflammation



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If your pet is going to have surgery post operative pain and inflammation management is a very important part ofa good recovery. Pain can cause inflammation and inflammation can definitely cause pain. Check with your vet and make sure he or she is ok with adding this to your post operative plan.. The sooner you can get your pet back in balance the sooner he or she can start rehab if needed.

These points were reviewed in an evidence based study explain how and why they work so click on the link below for all the details


Points and diagram below happy pointing

GV20 dorsal midline between the ears there is usually a bump where the point is

GB7 On the dorsum of the head just above and inside of the edge of the base of the ear

ST36 find the front of the knee and slide your finger down into the little groove on the lateral side of each knee. If your pup has had knee surgery just do the point on the other knee, until the affected knee gets stronger and further in the recovery process



post surgery points st36 gv20 gb7