Reiki and Acupressure Are Amazing Modalities… But If Your Pet Is Having A Medical Emergency,Call Your Vet First

Acupressure, Reiki and T-Touch are a few amazing modalities that work really well to keep our pets in balance, but when it comes to medical emergencies please call your vet first.

If you as a human were having a heart attack, you would most likely go directly to the ER and not one of your holistic practitioners. The same logic applies to your pets.

Over the holidays I had a few phone calls with pet parents concerned about their pet experiencing shortness of breath and one whose male cat was not able to urinate.  I told them to go to the Vet right away. These are serious issues that really need medical attention.

Once pets are stable and we know what is going on, then I am more than happy to come out and work with them to support their vet’s treatment plan, and help balance out the body. In addition to that I can  hopefully provide points to prevent any further issues.

If the  following symptoms occur you should definitely see your vet ASAP

  • shortness of breath,
  • purple, blue, grey or white gums
  • distended belly in dogs
  • Panting in cats
  • bpm above 34 in most cats
  • deep chest breathing in cats
  • Poison Ingestion
  • Snake Bite
  • Male cats having trouble urinating
  • Any sudden on set of pain,

That being said there are a few points you can use on the way to the vet to help stabilize your pet.

Each meridian has a Jing-well point and it helps to clear that meridian and remove pathogens  so depending on what is going on here are a few points you can use on the way to the vet

Once your vet has diagnosed and treated  the emergency and stabilized your pet, then feel free to call your holistic practitioner :-)

For more information on medical emergencies read below