If Your Dog Is Over Grooming Or Licking It May Be A Digestive Issue ..

Is your dog licking and over grooming? It may be a behavioral issue, or it may actually  be a sign that something  is upsetting his or her digestive track.   This is definitely something you want to get checked out by your vet, so you can address it accordingly. It can be anything from parasites to an upset in the GI tract.

“They found that 14 of the 19 dogs had some kind of gastrointestinal condition, including “eosinophilic and/or lymphoplasmacytic infiltration of the GI tract, delayed gastric emptying, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, gastric foreign body, and giardiasis.”

Once these issues were treated the licking subsided substantially. Check with your vet about adding a good probiotic to their diet as this supports good gut bacteria which  in turn helps calm the mind.

There are good acupressure points to support  the digestive system, and many of  these points will  also help to calm the mind and alleviate obsessive licking and worry . So either way  they are good points for your pooch….

To learn more read the article below and the abstract.