March is National Poison Prevention Month. So Know What To Do If Your Pet Ingests Something They Shouldn’t

Keeping your pets safe is not always an easy task. It is amazing how fast they can grab something off the ground or the counter or the table.  Depending on what they have ingested  the results can be a really bad tummy ache or much much worse.  It is important to call your vet immediately to determine what to do next. Sometimes it can be handled at home and quickly other times it is a fast trip in the car to the Emergency room.  There are some great resources out there to help you determine what is and what is not toxic for your pets.

A few that may not be so well known are vitamins, especially vitamin D which will can result in Kidney failure  and death in large doses                                                                                                           

Certain types of nut can also be toxic in smaller doses than you would think.

Here are lists from the ASPCA, HSUS and a few others.

So read up and remember that prevention is key but if your pet eats something they shouldn’t act fast and call your vet.