calming points for Halloween

So it is that time of year when pets hide from their owners, knowing the inevitable is coming…. The dreaded costume and photo session. Now I have to admit I have tried to dress up my cat in the past but the look I got when I showed him his costume would have stopped a tank dead in it’s tracks. Dogs on the other hand tend to be more tolerant of their parents guilty pleasure, some actually think it is kind of fun. While dressing up your pet may be fun for them, the trick or treaters can prove to be stressful. There is lots of commotion; doorbells ringing people coming to the door in costumes making strange noises etc. Even if your pet is not one to go and hide all this activity can add a bit of stress to his or her evening. So I have attached some good calming points for the evening. If possible start using these now or at least the week before at least twice a week and definitely day of. hopefully that will allow your pooch to enjoy the festivities in a calm and relaxed state.