fall colds and the metal element

Monster taking control of the Metal Element

So fall is finally here, the seasons are changing and you may notice that you and your animals may be a bit more susceptible to colds, flu and allergies. In TCM’s five element theory the metal element is associated with the fall. The Meridians in the Metal element are the lung and its sister Meridian the large intestine. Now if you think about this it makes sense as the lungs are your first line of defense not to mention they govern skin and fur. So Metal is a great choice…. think coat of armor. It is really important to make sure your pet is getting proper nutrition and exercise during the transition from summer to fall to keep their immune system balanced and strong. Also if your pet is sad or grieving he or she may be more vulnerable in the fall as the emotion of the metal element is grief. My cat Monster is almost 11 and last year he came down with a pretty bad URI. It took a few months for him to recover so I have been doing lung, stomach, and kidney points on him to try and build his immune system so he is not so susceptible going into the fall season. When he initially got sick I took him to my Vet who suggested that we put him on Lysine to support his immune system and that has been very helpful as well. There is also a great video see below from Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute ( One of the most highly accredited institutes in the country)of one of their instructors s tracing the the Lung and Large Interesting Meridian. You can see from the location of the meridians how they would have an effect on the animal. So keep your animals healthy this fall season and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions please type away.
lung large intesting meridian tracing from Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute